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Our mission is to prevent suicide and ensure the healthy development of all youth through powerful communication and education on gender and orientation.

Exceeded my expectations! It got me looking at the language I use so I can avoid setting harmful stereotypes for youth.

Early Learning Coalition Miami-Dade/Monroe training participant

Communication Solutions™

How do you react when someone suggests you are “wrong”? What do you do when family, friends, or colleagues try to force their opinions and beliefs on you?

Two well-worn, familiar paths exist: fight back, or retreat.

Come join us for a course unlike any other! In our two-day Communication Solutions™ course, you will discover a new path—one that leads to powerful, authentic relationships—even when people strongly disagree.

Deciphering Gender and Orientation

Though awareness about gender and orientation has dramatically increased, many youth still face violence, mental health challenges, and life threatening consequences when they don’t fit society’s traditional expectations. Through reflective conversation and exercises, participants in this course will examine their own experiences around gender, along with the latest research and exciting new perspectives.

A Communication Called “Bullying”

This course examines the phenomenon of “bullying” through the lens of communication. Children who are bullied are more likely to drop out of school, have lower academic achievement, and are at greater risk of experiencing anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideology—effects that can persist into adulthood. Children who report using bullying behaviors are over three times as likely to have multiple criminal convictions by their early twenties.