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Our mission is to prevent suicide and ensure the healthy development of all youth through powerful communication and education on gender and orientation.

I got called 'faggot' at 7 years old. Some people still call me that. Making fun of someone for who they are or who they like is not okay. –Broward Middle School student

Early Childhood

Children as young as four years old use phrases such as “boys don’t cry,” or “that’s so gay,” and ask questions like, “Why does Maria have two mommies?” Early childhood educators have not received training on know how to respond in an age-appropriate manner, or how to speak powerfully about these topics with colleagues and Read More

Reimagining Femininity & Masculinity

What is required to “be a man” in today’s world? Is it possible to be seen as “feminine” and “strong” simultaneously, without sacrificing authenticity? What parts of you have you dismissed, downplayed, or stripped away to fit traditional expectations around masculinity and femininity? Masculinity is typically viewed simply as the predominant position of privilege and power. Read More

Deciphering Gender and Orientation

More and more young people are expressing gender and orientation in unexpected ways. How do we keep up? What’s behind the explosion of new labels? Most importantly, how can we make sure our youth are safe? Though awareness about gender and orientation has dramatically increased, many youth still face violence, mental health challenges, and life Read More