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Resource Videos

Members of our Community Dialogues speakers bureau share about the impact gender and orientation topics have had on their personal and professional lives. These and other speakers can be scheduled to present to your classroom, organization, or workplace, in English or Spanish language. Many of our speakers are also available for individual family meetings. Contact YES Institute to book our speakers or schedule a family meeting.

Eva Leivas-Andino (10:35)

Eva Leivas-AndinoEva is our favorite Cuban-American abuela (grandmother) who shares the story of her son Paolo and how their relationship transformed their experience of their entire family. Eva is also the YES Institute Chief Financial Officer and was featured in AARP magazine.


Tommy (15:06)

The only child of Evangelical missionary parents, Tommy shares about his life journey. He tells of his early beginning as a female child, growing up between Miami and Panama, who would later on endure years of struggle with depression and loneliness. After his gender transition, Tommy is now a beaming, healthy young man, an inspiring role model of what can happen when you discover and declare your true self.


Noemi Marquez, LCSW (6:32)

Noemi Marquez, LCSWNoemi is a bilingual Child & Family Therapist who has a private practice in Miami. She is one of several trusted clinical professionals YES Institute can refer families to on our Gender & Orientation Resource & Referral Guide. A mother herself, her desire is to create a world where all children can be themselves and experience love and belonging in their families.


Ali (8:44)

Ali shares about his life experience coming out as a gay teen in the sixth grade. While he found acceptance at school, he encountered strong rejection from his parents and the foster care parents he was placed with when the System of Care intervened. YES Institute helped facilitate family reunification with Ali and his mother. Today, Ali and his mom have forged a new relationship centered in forgiveness, communication, and love.


Umut Dursun (8:22)

Umut Dursun, former US Marine Sergeant and MDCPS school teacher with Teach for America, shares about his journey to find his authentic male self. Umut also speaks about the challenges of dealing with family members and colleagues who don't understand gender transitioning, including the years when he had yet to understand it for himself.



In The Press Videos

Interested in more videos or news articles about the work of YES Institute? Visit our In The Press page for stories of our work featured in the media.

Phone: 305-663-7195  Fax: 305-663-7197   5275 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33143-5914
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