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Tashia Miceli

What skills and expertise do you bring to the team?

I believe that success is defined by the positive differences you are able to make along the way.  I am organized and goal-oriented, and hope that my experience with court mediation will support fostering effective communication among families in support of the mission of YES Institute.


What do you find most rewarding about your internship?

What drew me to YES Institute is their vision to cultivate a safe environment for youth to be themselves; what has sustained my interest is their dedication to making this happen through authentic communication and education throughout the community.  In addition to the individuals directly affected by the work of YES Institute, I will be able to use the knowledge and skills I have learned to support people in other aspects of my personal and professional life.  This is what I find most rewarding about my time here.


What has YES Institute done that you’re particularly proud of?

It is relatively easy to find an organization with an impressive vision or mission statement. It is much more difficult to find an organization that works tirelessly to achieve their goals. Upon completing my first course at YES Institute, I was moved by the impact they had on everyone in the class.  It was inspiring to see how open and comfortable a room of strangers could become after only two days. Further, in my short time as an intern with YES Institute, I have seen firsthand how hard each employee works to reach the goals they have set for themselves and the organization as a whole. The amount of people they are able to reach shows that anything is possible, and that with patience and persistence big things can happen.


What learning experience had the biggest impact on who you are now?

I feel as though the openness and genuine nature of my mom has helped shape me into a caring, respectful, and accepting person. Growing up, she encouraged me to work with many different populations in order to see that although everyone is different, we are all equal. Additionally, the work I have done with Guardian ad Litem has been extremely eye-opening. To see children face unthinkable adversity and move on to achieve success has provided me with the motivation I feel I was previously lacking.

I learned new skills to be able to talk to parents when their little girl wants to play with trucks and LEGO toys instead of dolls and the kitchen set.

Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe Training participant

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