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Sarah Klapka

Intern, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Florida International University

What skills and expertise do you bring to the team?

Having just completed my bachelors degree in psychology, I now have extensive experience working with children – having volunteered with youth camps and daycares. I also personally share the challenges that our community faces around gender and orientation.

What has the YES Institute done that you are particularly proud of?

What I am particularly proud of is the education and training YES Institute has given to so many different schools, workplaces, places of faith, among many others. Thinking about all the lives YES Institute has changed through communication and education is so inspiring!

What learning experience in your life has had the biggest impact on who you are now?

I recently experienced a difficult break-up, and I never thought I would be able to be happy again. But here I am today, and feeling better everyday. I believe this experience really allowed me to see how important it is for me to be who I really am, no matter what.

I haven’t told my father that I’m gay because I’m afraid of his reaction, but now I see that we don’t have to agree for us to live in harmony.

High School Student

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