Leila Motamedi

Intern, University of Miami, Undergraduate in Public Health - Pre-Dental School

What skills and expertise do you bring to the team?

I am a very a goal-oriented student. When I set a goal for myself, I am very dedicated and determined. I usually create a structured plan and/or schedule, and stick to what I need to get done one day at a time. This has ultimately taught me to develop self-discipline and patience along the way.

My loyalty is another quality that I am very proud of. I value and respect all of my friendships and any new person I meet equally. I tend to be the go-to-person for most people when it comes to asking for advice or honest opinions in regards to both academics and personal life situations.

In addition, I am very enthusiastic. So, I am the friend that many people count on to bring forth a good mood and positivity. I always look at the bright side of things and have an optimistic outlook with any given situation I face.

I am confident that I will able to showcase all three of these qualities while undertaking any tasks or projects at YES Institute.

What has YES Institute done that you are particularly proud of?

YES Institute’s work has truly inspired me and has opened my eyes in regards to how vital it is to educate the younger population in an age-appropriate but yet effective manner on the topics of gender and orientation.

What learning experience in your life has had the biggest impact on who you are now?

At the formative ages of 19 and 20, I lost my two best friends. At the time, I could not understand why two people so full of life and potential could pass away so abruptly. Yet, their loss taught me about the fragility of life, and to appreciate friends and family. My new outlook serves as a bedrock by which I approach my life and future. In sum, I resolve to live well and with purpose.

Gender is so much more than anatomy. Now I am empowered to listen to our patients and ask questions if I am not sure what the answer is.

University of Miami, Physical Therapy Undergraduate Student

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