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Jahn Kirchoff

Board Member

Portrait of Jahn Kirchhof

Deli Lane Cafe & Sunset Tavern

Time is precious, so it is the perfect reason for my cause to be the YES Institute. For 20+ years I have been witness to real change in the hearts and minds of people that would be last on my list for being open to that change. YES’ model takes the work around gender and orientation to the front lines, where the real fear about even speaking about these topics lives. The model gives the possibility to families reuniting, workers collaborating, teachers and social workers advocating and health care providers cutting through immobile and outdated bureaucracies.

So given the choice of where I can put my best volunteer hours in there is no choice, YES is and will remain my source of inspiration and devotion. Now is a challenging time and YES is uniquely positioned to further our understanding and compassion around these topics. With the courses now offered and the ones we are developing… the future is bright!

YES Institute has saved my family. It's because of YES Institute that we now have the ability to really listen to each other, inspire healing, seek education, and build a safe and comfortable home.

Jenny Betancourt Graduate Student

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