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Daniella Dominguez, BA

Community Education Coordinator

Dani has extensive experience coordinating programs that support youth who become homeless and are rejected based on their experience around gender and orientation. They also have served as an instructor for a suspension diversion program, case manager for a Children’s Trust community-based program, and peer specialist supervisor for the Federation of Families.

Dani’s personal experience around gender and orientation is as a non-binary person.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

The most rewarding aspect of my work is knowing that open conversation and education around gender and orientation means at least one less suicide attempt, one less youth on the street, or one less youth or person living in fear of being their authentic self.

It’s that one person who comes up to you after a dialogue or training and simply says, “Thank you. I wish I had this information years ago.”

My purpose is to make sure youth feel supported, so that they don’t turn to destructive behaviors and are able and willing to reach their full potential.

What has YES Institute done that you’re particularly proud of?

YES Institute is a leader in starting conversations that allow people to authentically be themselves. The communication model and mission is lived and practiced not only in the work that YES Institute does, but also in the individuals that work as staff members and volunteers. 

Name a peak experience in your life. What happened?

A suicide ideation, borderline attempt made me realize I needed to be that support for other young people going through similar experiences. Sharing my story around gender and orientation has shown me the difference it can make. This type of work saves lives.

What is something you hope people know about you?

I’m just Dani. I may not share the same experience as you, but I love you and I support you. You’re not alone.

Before today I only saw two solutions to arguments: either we agree, or I ‘prove my point.’ Now I can open space for real conversations and relationships.

Amanda, teacher

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