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Closed on school and banking holidays.

5275 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33143-5914

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Privacy & Code of Ethics

Privacy Policy

YES Institute maintains a strict privacy policy.

Personal information is not shared or sold.  Email addresses and phone numbers are never given to other websites, telemarketers, or "email spammers."

If you wish to be removed from our email list, or if you wish to discontinue correspondence by mail, we will promptly unsubscribe you upon notification.
The YES Institute code of ethical conduct is applicable to anyone who chooses to represent YES Institute in any way, including staff, board members, and volunteers.  Choosing to represent YES Institute in any capacity includes agreeing to uphold the following standards of ethical conduct:

Code of Ethics
  1. To value the worth and dignity of every person and treat every person with respect.
  2. To honor the privilege of any confidentiality given to them or made accessible to them through their participation with YES Institute.
  3. To sustain the highest ethical conduct and integrity in all interactions with both youth and adults.
  4. To distinguish between personal values and beliefs and the goals and objectives of YES Institute when representing YES Institute.
  5. To consult with YES Institute staff or board members when concerned about the quality of programs, services, or operations related to YES Institute.
  6. To act in accordance with the goals of reconciliation and to refrain from responding with anger, hostility, or with behavior not representative of the mission of YES Institute.
  7. To refrain from any physical or emotional interaction between youth and adults that is sexual or romantic in intent or appearance.
  8. To uphold a commitment to the complete welfare and total well-being of every youth, including abstinence of underage drinking and use of controlled substances.
YES Institute agrees to and will be accountable for:
  1. Serving all people equally and having no basis for discrimination.
  2. Creating opportunities that allow our community to fully participate in actively making a difference in the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual youth.
  3. Providing services and information consistent with the mission and goals of YES Institute.

Phone: 305-663-7195  Fax: 305-663-7197   5275 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33143-5914
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